• Adopted: 07-17-08
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3-4 yrs
  • Size: 40 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

Looking for a new BFF (Best Friend Forever)?  Meet MAGGIE MOO, a 3-4 year old, 40-lb. bundle of joy who is looking for a new best friend. She is the most lovable girl you could ever hope to meet. Maggie likes to nap in your lap or watch TV with her head on your knee. But don't assume she's asleep ... Maggie delights in stealing a kiss when you're least expecting it.

Maggie has a bouncy, happy nature.  She just wants to be with her people.  Maggie never complains - she'll help with cleaning, laundry, yard work, or taste test while you're cooking dinner.  Maggie's just happy to be included as part of the family regardless of the activity.

When Maggie first arrived in her foster home, she was very shy with the other dogs. After a couple days, she learned they are friendly so her new motto is "Let's PLAY!" Maggie would do best with one or two friendly, good-natured playmates.

Miss Maggie Moo was found as a stray.  Kind strangers took her in, searched for her original home, and then contacted ACES.  Maggie was able to jump their fence while she was waiting to come into foster care.  As a result, Maggie will need a secure 6-foot fence in her new home.  Maggie does fine with the cat in her foster home.  In fact, she's a little intimidated but would probably still chase if the cat ran.

Maggie is house-trained and walks nicely on a leash.  She's learning house manners and now sits for her dinner like a little lady.  Maggie is too anxious to be crated while you're gone but she does well having freedom with a trustworthy buddy in her foster home.  Maggie has boundless energy, so she needs a home without small children. She would love a family who would enjoy taking her to positive reinforcement training classes. Lots of patience, love, and yummy treats will help Maggie Moo blossom into the ideal family pup.

This delightful sweet treat wholeheartedly embraces life. Maggie is a mischievous, joyful little angel who is dreaming of a forever home of her very own.


Maggie is doing just perfectly- no problems what-so-ever except that she won't sit down in the car. We've had her over to see my grandparents, and for walks in a  few different parks, and running around the house and yard as usual. Her eyes seem to be clearing up a bit, but we think a lot of the color on one side is spots!

My big boy cat thinks she is much more well behaved than Tory, and seems to like her well enough- she usually sniffs hello and then leaves him alone. Tory however thinks Maggie is the bestest thing ever, and we do have some issues getting Tory to let us love on Maggie without being pestered. Maggie takes it all in stride however, and we really love her. She is the perfect dog for us.


UPDATE 12/08

Miss Maggie graduated from basic training in early December. She was the star of her class, winning the 'do the commands for employees and get back fastest' competition for which she got a nice juicy smoked bone, which she gets to nibble under heavy supervision and Tory is horribly jealous. She gets treats at the same time, but no matter what she has, she always wants Maggie's. Maggie is so very good about letting the puppy steal her stuff, even though Tory is now over a year old.

She seemed to enjoy class, though once there was a loose bird in the store, and she was useless the entire hour, even the trainer gave up. Fortunately she already knew sit, and there were no free flyers the rest of the time. When she did well, we took her over to the bird section and she just loved to watch the parakeets flying about in their cage.

So now she knows sit, down (which was difficult!), short stays, drop it, leave it, come (still working on this, but a dog whistle always brings her in from outside!), shake and bow. Loose leash walking is iffy, but we are still working on it. Inside she is perfect, outside, not so much. There is always something nifty to see outside, you know.

Her latest fascination is the Christmas tree. She can't seem to figure out why we have a tree inside and keeps going over to sniff and poke and nibble at branches. Silly girl. She sends Christmas kisses!

Mary and Maggie Moo


I hope you get a family as wonderful as the family that rescued me.
Nellie the English Setter and Bonnie and Jill