• Adopted: 07-16-08
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 4 yrs
  • Size: 59 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

BRIGHAM is a 4-year-old orange belton with a sweetie-boy personality. We love having him around the house because he is so cooperative and polite. Brigham stays close enough to be a good companion, but is not clingy. He does have a little separation anxiety (whimpering/barking) and really does not like being separated from you by a closed door, but Brigham is doing much better as he has learned the ropes here at SetterVille. We have not really identified any objectionable behavior other than he can be a little sloppy at the water bowl. He is a quick learner and thrives on “good-boy-talk.”

Brigham sleeps in a large size kennel. We do not usually latch kennel doors at night as long as all is quiet during the night. He occasionally will come out of the kennel during the night but just finds another comfy spot, so if you don’t want him to be kenneled at night he would do fine with a doggy bed of his own. He is very trim, 59 pounds and is not a picky eater. Brigham has a nice soft coat that is evenly ticked, an orange nose and dark eyes that brim with appreciation for the love and attention he gets. He is just one of those “comfortable pals.”

Brigham likes to chew on bone-type chews. He hasn’t played with other toys much but then he is doing a lot of playing in the yard with his mates, and they spend a lot of time chasing squirrels, real or imaginary.

Brigham loves to veg on the sofa with you or cuddle on the bed so you probably want to be okay with him being on furniture or he would have hurt feelings about not being able to be close. He is a quiet cuddle pup, not a wiggle worm, and enjoys watching TV or reading with you. He is real keen on sounds outside or on TV. Brigham waits patiently if you are busy with something. He does not demand attention constantly, just likes to be around you. He could use some leash work, but is currently manageable.

Brigham is comfortable with his foster brothers with a normal dash of competitive spirit. He would be happiest as an only dog or with maybe one other calm dog. An environment that is too hectic would give him some anxiety. He has been around cats and reportedly done well, but we don’t have any cats so can’t say for sure.

Brigham does not seem to be destructive but is not allowed the run of the house when we are not home. All of the boys “cubby up” when we are away, which means run to the laundry room for a nap while we are gone. He loves rides and is a very calm and happy traveler. He does not try to escape from the yard; he seems to be content to stay close to us. Brigham does not mind getting wet in the sprinkler and has encouraged our other boys to play in the water when it is hot out.


Jerry Mead and Patty Thompson are wishing you will soon meet the warm and loving family of your dreams.