• Adopted: 10-01-07
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 3-4 yrs
  • Size: 46 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Unknown
  • Traits: N/A

Meet JACK ... a very sweet and gentle 3-4 year old boy. Jack seeks to please and loves affection. His life has improved immensely since his days at the animal shelter. Upon being rescued, Jack was found to have heartworms.  He is now heartworm-free, weighs 46 lbs., has been neutered, and has received all of his vaccinations. Most of all, he is receiving the love and attention he deserves.

Jack has learned a lot since being rescued. I don't think he had ever been inside. He enjoys being a house dog and is almost fully housetrained. Jack is not a birder or interested in squirrels. He has two favorite spots in the yard. One is by the picket fence where he can watch the comings and goings. The other is lying in the ivy, waiting to see if I spot him.  Jack does enjoy his outdoor time, but he would rather be inside with his family. Jack is very people-oriented and seems to prefer humans over other dogs. He currently lives with a beagle and gets along with her very well. I have not introduced him to other dogs, although when other dogs walk by, he does not react. I think he would be accepting of other dogs.

Jack has become more playful since his heartworms are gone and has a great cheerful disposition. Toys are new to Jack and he has not really learned to play with them yet. He would rather see if he can get a human to pet him and talk to him. He uses his front legs like arms and tries to hug. Occasionally, he will "roo."

Like most rescues, Jack can be nervous in new situations and needs help building his confidence. I have a dog door, but he is afraid to use it. He is also nervous in the car. Jack does not like thunder, but he does not get terribly upset or destructive. If he is outside, he will go and hide under a big hydrangea bush. If he is inside, he just wants to be close to a person. He will tremble, but he stops when I pet him and talk with him.

Jack has become a great family dog who would fit in with almost anyone. He would not be a good fit for someone who is looking for a birdy setter. Jack is all about being with his family. He is a "content to be at your side, curl up with you on the couch, and sleep in the bedroom with you (on his dog bed)" kind of guy. Jack has a ton of love to share. Won't you invite him home?