• Adopted: 08-01-07
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 4 mo
  • Size:
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Unknown
  • Traits: N/A

Looking for a sweet treat?  Have we got just thing for you!  Introducing the D LITTER

Dunkin, Donut, Dippin and Dots.  We think you'll find these puppies just as yummy as a glazed pastry from Dunkin Donuts or a bowl of ice cream balls from Dippin' Dots.  These pups were an accidental litter and were given to ACES so they could find their forever families.  There are three females and one male, all 4 months old.  Who's in the mood for something delicious?

Do you wear your heart on the inside or outside?  Well, DOTS is a very special girl because she has both.  You see, she has this beautiful orange marking on her mostly white body on her right shoulder in the shape of a perfect "heart."  She lives up to her double heart outside personality with her precious personality on the inside.  Dots is a very sweet, affectionate and funny 4 ½ month old, 22 pound orange and white field setter. 

She has adjusted very well to her new home life, although new sounds and sights startle her a bit at first.  Planes, lawnmowers, coffee makers, OH MY!  After she investigates, she is good to go.  She is great when meeting strangers, both adults and children alike (everyone needs a little kiss, right?).  She does excellent with her 2 fur sisters, and is learning how to play with them along with their 100's of stuffed toys.  She is not completely housetrained, although she is coming along beautifully with that.  She LOVES to play outside, and has a blast running up and down the hill and around the yard with the big girls.  Who cares if she slides down the side that's packed with mud?  That's part of the fun!  She reminds her big sisters that she's there with her precious little "woof" when they're not paying her attention.  Dots does excellent in her crate, and the explorer inside her has a great time with the other dogs' crates (she's tried them all out for size).  She sleeps very well through the night all by herself like a big girl.  She does excellent with basic commands, and is learning very quickly how to behave inside the home and in the yard. 

Dots is up to date on her vaccinations, spayed and microchipped.  We cannot imagine our foster home without her beautiful hearts, but we know she will make someone very happy in her furever home!