• Adopted: 08-01-07
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 4 yrs
  • Size: 46 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits:

CHARLIE BROWN is a 4 year old male (neutered) English Setter (Orange Belton).  He is thin at 46+ pounds so he may gain a little, but we think he will be on the smaller side with his narrow body type.

Charlie is such a sweet boy; he is definitely a keeper.  He is well-behaved, housebroken and does not have  any destructive tendencies.  He was a great traveler on his transport to us. 

Charlie has beautiful green eyes and a nice coat that does not seem to need a lot of upkeep.  A regular brushing should take care of him with trimming of wayward feathers.  He has nice back leg feathers and a nice fluffy tail.  He has an orange patch over one eye and is evenly ticked overall.

Charlie is quite gentle, a good cuddler, and has good house manners.  When Charlie first came to us, he seemed to have a need to check out all of the counters but has not been a counter surfer since.  He likes to look at himself in the mirror sometimes, so he will stand up at the vanity in the bathroom.  He is very pleasant to have around the house.  He does not try to run you over or play through; very light on his feet. 

Charlie does not like to sleep in a kennel; we think he would do well sleeping by the side or at the foot of your bed.  Of course, he would also sleep on your bed if invited.  He sleeps on a loveseat in our bedroom and does fine.  He doesn't make any noise or wander around. 

Charlie is playful and likes to play with bouncy or squeaky toys.  He has not been destructive in any way, even with toys.  Charlie likes to nap quite a bit.  He seems to be used to a fairly quiet life and does not seem to be very hyper.  Charlie is willing to share food and toys with his three foster brothers.

We do not have any cats but he does like to chase the squirrels in the yard with the other boys.  I suspect he would like to at least "herd" cats.  We made it though the 4th of July without noise trauma, and he seems well-adjusted to the environment around the house and yard.  He likes to romp with the other setters; but will listen to you when you need him to calm down.  We have a saying in the yard; "boys you can smell the neighbor's dogs thru the knot hole and you can lift your leg on the knot hole, but no barking at the knot hole".  Charlie figured it out on the 2nd day in the yard.

If you're looking for a sweet easy-going boy, look no further than Charlie Brown!