• Adopted: 09-01-07
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 12 wks
  • Size: 13 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: N/A

Meet BRANDO, who loves a good adventure but likes a little down time too.  Brando is the boy who finds a comfy spot to nap after a tiring day of exploration.  If his brothers try to encourage Brando to play some more, Brando shows them the cutest little lip curl you've ever seen.  Brando likes to lie in your lap but he is often pushed out of the way by his more persistent brothers.  As a result, he entertains himself with toys more readily than his brothers.  Brando is an orange field puppy.  He is mostly white with faint orange spots on his ears and a few freckles starting to show up across his nose.  He is a classically handsome fellow with dark eyes and a brown nose.  Brando's estimated birth date is 4/23/07.  He weighed 13 lbs. at approximately 12 weeks of age.  Brando is deaf.


Just wanted to let you two know that Brando is doing well in his new home.  He slept most all of the way home in my lap and was by far the best behaved dog I've ever seen in a car which was especially nice since he had such a long trip.  He's spent a lot of time exploring his new home and getting to know where all these new and exciting things are.  Both of our other dogs seem to enjoy having a new little brother around.  April's been trying to get him to play but he's still to busy exploring everything.  He really likes his new yard and can't quite seem to get used to the fact that he has all this room to run around in all he wants.  His new move doesn't seem to have affected his appetite any, he ate his dinner just fine and enjoyed his treats quite  a bit. 

Thanks for everything, I really appreciate the opportunity to have gotten such a sweet dog that's perfect for our house.  I'll try to get some pictures tonight and send them to you all.