• Adopted: 11-01-07
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 5 mo
  • Size: 19 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Deaf

Meet BOGEY, the perpetual little brother. Did you have a younger brother who followed you around and wanted to do everything just like you? Well, that’s Bogey. He is determined to be included in the action, no matter what. You can almost hear him shouting “Me too! Me too!” as he runs after his brothers. Bogey also wants to be first in your lap, but he rarely thinks of it first so he’s always playing catch up. When Bogey finally relaxes and takes a breath, he likes a quick cuddle and will give you a lick on the chin before running off to his next adventure. Bogey is a blue field puppy; he has lots of blue ticking with more spots popping out every day. He has beautiful dark eyes and a black nose. Bogey’s estimated birth date is 4/23/07. He weighed 12 lbs. 3 oz. at approximately 12 weeks of age. Bogey is deaf.

Update from Bogey

Hi there folks! I’m still the “little brother” around here, seeing that I’m smaller than my siblings at 19 pounds. I’m 5 months old and have gotten more adventurous as I have grown. Mom says I’m that kid on the field trip that’s never with the group. Something usually catches my attention and I’m off in another room before I know it. Of course, once I realize that everyone else is having fun without me, I’m quick to join back in the game. Mom also says I’m strong-willed and determined. Good thing, though, ‘cuz it takes her a while to realize I know what I want. I pitched a fit in my crate for weeks in order to convince her to let me sleep on a dog bed next to her. Now I settle right down when the lights go out and sleep until morning. I’m turning into quite the bird dog. I love to snap at the flying insects in the backyard and I have a handsome point, if I do say so myself. Since I’m deaf, I’ll need a physical fence to do my birding and bugging. I still love to cuddle and am happy to join Mom on the couch. I think she likes the way I hug her with my front paws when we snuggle.


Just thought I'd give you an update on Bogey and send some recent pictures.  He is adjusing really well and gets along good with Casey and Kally.  He and Kally play hard a lot.  He will tackle her and pin her to the floor and then she'll do the same....all in a very playful way.  It's funny because it's almost like watching a silent movie.  They don't make too many's all motion!  

Bogey sleeps through the night now and is used to our routine.  Some times I have to kick him out of bed in the morning to go outside!  He usually starts the night at the end of the bed by my feet and in the morning when I wake up he's stretched out along side of me!  He's quite the cuddler.  

When it's breakfast/dinner time, we get the 3 bowls ready.  As soon as we take his to his eating area, he does this little....what we call...."happy foodies dance".  He hops around a bit and shakes his head a couple of times...along with wagging his tail!  He is so cute!  No growling or issues.  He will go check out Casey or Kally eating and they pretty much ignore him.  Sometimes he'll get too in their face and he'll back off at their quiver lips!  He knows when he's too close!  

He loves to play outside in the snow.  He wasn't too sure what was going on when it first snowed.  He watched it fall and then decided it was all right!  When we pull the snow out from between his toes, he eats the snow!  

He hasn't had an accident (that isn't our fault for not getting to him quick enough) between 1-2 weeks now.  He actually sits by the door and barks to go out!  We're all impressed!  He's so smart :-)  

As you can see, Bogey hangs out under the Christmas tree....atleast until we put presents under it.  He went after some of their gifts for a couple of days but pretty much leaves them alone now.  Now he just nips at the branches every now and then or shoves his nose in between the branches.  No harm done!  

Well, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2008!  More to come...  

Best wishes to you all,
Laura, Doug, Nick and Jake Casey, Kally and Bogey too!


Bogey is doing really well!  We are so fortunate to have him.  We adjusted well with taking him up North to the cabin this summer.  We put him on an extra long leash so he had access to the water and land.  He absolutely loved it up there!  He chased bugs, watched fish, went swimming, went on boat rides and went on walks.  The first time he actually caught a dragonfly in flight was so funny!  He chased them for hours and then when he finally caught one, he crunched and spit!  He went right back to chasing though.....

As you can see in some of his pictures, his coat is full and fluffy.  Those were taken in late spring.  His coat really filled out in the winter.  But, then when it got warmer, he shed most of his fluffiness and then got whispy!  So, I gave him a haircut so he didn't look so goofy!  I really need to keep his toe hair trimmed otherwise he brings in mud/snow!  The long black spot hair on his head is known as his "crazy spot"!  It sticks up when it's long.

He does fine with eating--when he's hungry though, you'll know it.  He shakes his head and dances around when he sees his bowl coming.  That's his "happy foodie dance".  Yes, I know we're strange with all of our little terms....

Bogey likes his beds in the kitchen and living room during the day/evening--but, when it's time to go to bed at night, he jumps right up on the bed!  Just lately, he's wanted to get under the covers!  So, he sleeps in the middle...and always has to be laying right up against one of us.  He is a cuddler!

Since putting up our Christmas tree last weekend, we have found a couple of ornaments on his bed.  Nothing major, but we've moved the ornaments up a bit.  Now they're fine.  There still is some puppy there!  He just finds everything interesting.  Still gets distracted, but not as much.  Still shuffles his feet.  Still lays by the sliding door and looks outside.  Loves snow and thinks he's invisible while outside--so does Kally, our other setter.  They stalk each other and then attack.  They are the best of friends!  Casey keeps them in line when she's thinks they're getting too wild :-)  She just has to look at them a certain way and they's really neat watching the communication between them all.