• Adopted: 07-01-07
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 42 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Unknown
  • Traits: N/A

BARKLEY is applying for the position as faithful home companion.  He is a smart, energetic and eager-to-please young adult tri-color male (about two years old), weighing 42 pounds.  If hired to become your family member, he will add love, fun and companionship to your life every day of the year - he even works holidays!  As far as salary goes, all that is required is lots of attention, love, treats and toys.

Barkley is a very sweet dog who can be as calm as he is active.  He does not need to be crated as his house habits are excellent; he has been a very good boy roaming the house with the trustable resident setters.  Barkley likes to run, play and check out the birds with his foster sister and two brothers.  Unfortunately, his foster brothers are older and only tolerate him.  Barkley would like another dog to play with.  Barkley knows his name so any commands I give him are prefaced by his name.  He is acquainted with "come" and "leave it" and responds to the mildest of corrections with grace.  I anticipate that Barkley will do well in training because of his intelligence and willing nature.  He is not a barker but will speak when the others do and always lets me know when someone is here.


Hello, my name is Barkley.  I am friendly, active and playful.  I like to have a good run and be on the lookout for the birdies.  I also walk on a leash fairly well.  OK, I do tug here and there but there's just

so much to see!  My foster mom says I'd be best with older kids because I sometimes can become exuberant when playing.  I guess that's the puppy in me.  Foster mom also thinks I'd really like a playful doggie brother or sister to chase birds with in the yard.  I really like to be with people, though.  When I'm not running around and playing, I will sleep at your feet or if you'll let me, I will sit with you on the couch.  I love to snuggle and do it really well.  I get to sleep in my foster mom's bed at night.  I curl up really close to her.  If you would adopt me, I could cuddle with you too.