• Adopted: 10-01-07
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 yrs
  • Size: 34 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Unknown
  • Traits: N/A

Introducing ... SHOOTER!

As you can see from Shooter's pictures, he is a handsome little man!  He is 34 lbs of fun and love and is estimated to be about 2 years old.  Shooter was found by animal control as a stray and spent several scary weeks in the shelter.  He has been adjusting well in his foster home, especially considering that everything has been new to him.  He has learned about car rides, collars, leashes, trash cans, toys, chewees and all kinds of normal household noises.

Shooter has slowly been introduced to my 4 dogs.  He does okay with my dogs one on one.  He tends to turn away and is much more interested in what the humans are doing.  So far, I have only let him loose with at most 2 dogs at a time and, as he is getting comfortable, he is slowly learning to play (even playing is new to this little guy!).  When he gets nervous, he will turn his back on the dogs to signal he is done for now.  He has recently met a neighborhood dog and they walk famously together.  Shooter is learning that he is safe now and doesn't have anything to be afraid of.  He has shown no reaction to cats and is just fine with new people and children ... and he adores the dust mop!  He loves to chase the mop as I dust the floors.  What a sight!

Shooter is a little bowlegged, but it does not affect his health and it definitely doesn't stop him from flying around the yard.  He is very agile and loves to run and leap over obstacles.   Shooter is crate-trained and housetrained.  He knows sit, stay and down.  Shooter is improving every day on leash-walking and is learning to pay less attention to the cars on the street, and is in process of learning not to countersurf (he is now only doing it when he thinks no one is around).

Shooter is very friendly, very people-oriented and very affectionate.  He is a "leaner" and will lean  on you when he wants to be petted.  Like most setters, Shooter needs fenced yard where he will have room to run, and once his energy is spent outside, he is great indoors. When inside, he definitely wants to be with his people and will curl up on the floor (preferably in front of the air vent) or on the couch by your side.  He seems to prefer the couch when the television is on ... the TV fascinates him.  This gentle boy needs a family that will be patient with him as he adjusts to his new forever home, plenty of exercise and outdoor time, and lots of love.