• Adopted: 07-01-07
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 1-2 yrs
  • Size: 50 lbs
  • Color: Tricolor
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Unknown
  • Traits: N/A

TANNER:  A good English name for a good English boy

Tanner was found running the streets with no ID, no microchip, and no owner looking for him.  He was terribly skinny and he immediately came to us for the promise of food and water.  He dove into the food and water with such gusto, it was apparent that he hadn't had either for quite sometime.  After a quick trip to the vet and multiple baths, out emerged a beautiful English Setter.   This one year old pup is gorgeous with a personality to match! 

During his vet exam, Tanner was found to have heartworms.  Heartworm isn't all that uncommon in dogs that have no owners to take care of them.  Tanner has been treated and the vet expects a complete recovery.  For now, Tanner needs to stay still, not an easy feat for an English Setter.  Tanner's fortune has definitely changed for the better.  Tanner is now on heartworm preventative, so he should never have to face this issue again!

Tanner is incredibly energetic...did we mention that it's hard to keep him still for his heartworm recovery?  When he first got here, he would literally spring around!  When excited, he barks, and then goes into a sort of trill, that I've never hear a dog do - it's very unique.  Tanner is also very birdy.  When he sees a bird or any flying thing, he stops and either sets and points or very slowly and quietly, gets low to the ground and stealthily moves toward it.  He reminds me of the Bugs Bunny cartoon with the Elmer Fudd character when he whispers, "Be varry, varry quiet; ver hunting vavvit..."

Tanner's temperament is phenomenal!  He's high energy and can run for hours, but loves nothing more than to cuddle on your lap or sleep next to you on the couch when he comes inside.  He finds comfort in a blanket, gathering it into a small pile and drawing it between his front paws to nurse.  It's very sweet.  I'm fairly certain this is his first time being an indoor dog, and he's loving it.  The first time I brought him inside, he was unsure of what part of the sofa what meant to be used!  Then he discovered the kitchen and instantly decided it was his favorite room in the whole house.  When I opened my fridge, he was in heaven!  If he could have, I think he would have crawled inside.

He's been a very good house dog and gets along great with my two Aussie Shepherd mixes.  He's a very gentle young man and is good with children.  I took him to see a momma cat and her 8-week-old kittens.  He didn't pay too much attention to them, in fact, he seemed rather eager for the kitten to stop messing with him.  He didn't know about toys before he came here, but he's beginning to get the idea!  He also seems finally comfortable enough to let his puppy self emerge, so shoes beware!!  Tanner can easily jump the safety gates in my house, gracefully sailing over them.  He could be a great agility dog.  Of course, with his jumping ability, he'll definitely need a five foot fence or invisible fencing to keep him safe.

Tanner's a happy go lucky dog, with a great big heart - full of love and trust.  He's ready to find his forever home and give his forever people years of loyalty and love.  Could you be his people?