• Adopted: 07-01-07
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 18 mo
  • Size: 35 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Unknown
  • Traits: N/A

While his name is SLONE, we prefer to call him a more descriptive "The Slone Ranger."  Check out his masked eyes!  And, you should see this 35-lb. boy gallop through the backyard with a ball in his mouth as he races his golden retriever buddies! 

At 18 months old, The Slone Ranger has spent most of his life in a pen.  When it was time for his first hunt, he was found to be gun shy.  So, off to the shelter he went and next to ACES.  Then his life really began!  He's discovering that life as a house dog is fabulous!  He got housetraining down in a couple days (regular let-outs help).  If I wait too long between let-outs, he'll hang out by the door until I get the idea he needs to go.  He's discovered the sofa (heaven!), and found the bed yesterday (even more Nirvana!).  Dog-savvy cats have let him know that he must co-exist peacefully in order to be in the house, and he's completely fine with that.  Fetch both indoors and out is all fun.  Playing with his buddy golden retrievers is a hoot.  Kong toys are also new on his list of discoveries, and what a treat they are!  The crate is no problem- if the door's left open, he'll go in on his own to take a break from all his adventures.  It's all good in his book!

Slone does have a particular taste for shoes (Nike is the yummiest), remote controls, and electrical cords, so he needs to be watched and given more appropriate chew toys.  Definitely an environment that's dog-proofed would be best for this guy.  He also has a wicked tail that goes crazy when he's happy, so coffee tables with knick-knacks wouldn't work around him.  Leash training is coming along, but he's nuts about all those birdies and squirrels who taunt him when he's trying to be a good boy!  They sure do make it hard to concentrate on walking in a straight line without tripping anyone.  Finally, his beginning without much human contact makes him uncertain about loud noises and quick movements.  While he is certainly coming out of his shell (quickly!) and learning that humans are fun, he's still encountering daily things that he's unfamiliar with.  Patience, calm, quiet, and gentle yet firm training will help him become an even more confident well-behaved gentleman than he already is!

Are YOU ready to join The Slone Ranger on his adventures as he discovers living the good life?