• Adopted: 06-01-07
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 1 yr
  • Size: 25 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Unknown
  • Traits: N/A

WILLOE's tale is a Cinderella story.  Little Willoe has spent several months in foster care, waiting and watching from the inside of her crate where she has felt safe.  Before coming to ACES, Willoe had little human contact.  She needed time to learn to trust people.  So she waited and she watched.

Little by little, Willoe became part of her foster family.  She started with the other dogs in the house.  She was used to dogs where she came from so this wasn't such a big hurdle.  She waited until the humans weren't around and out she came, dancing, play bowing, and barking for the other dogs to play with her.  Her next step was to learn to use a leash and potty outside.  Not as easy as being with the dogs, the outside was a bit scary, but by going out to the same spot in the same way, she learned the routine and felt safe.  Over the weeks, Willoe learned the ways of her foster family.  She began to eat outside of her crate and follow her family up the stairs for bedtime.  Accepting love from humans was probably the hardest for her.  As time went by, she became curious and would walk in and out of her crate, over and over again, always checking back on the safety of the crate.  She wanted to be touched but was still very scared.  She would allow her foster mom to brush a hand along her side, if only briefly.  Her desire for love began to override her fear.  She started to come out of her crate when called and enjoyed having her ears rubbed and her head scratched.  Like playing with the dogs, she waited to make her move until the house was quiet and two family teenagers were lying on the couch.  Up she went, snuggling in between them for the rest of the movie.  As the months went by, Willoe's confidence continued to grow, slowly but surely.

Like every Cinderella, our heroine needed a royal ball.  Willoe's ball was the ACES Reunion.  She spent the day either curled up under a table or walking around with her tail tucked in between her legs.  It may not sound like her day at the ball was a success, but that night, she was changed forever.  She jumped up in bed with her foster mom and spent the night curled in her arms.  The next morning, she was full of excitement, playing not only with the dogs but with the people as well.  She didn't need her crate for the ride home but rode on a lap in the backseat, happily sharing snacks with the kids.  Maybe it was the relaxed dogs, maybe it was the kind people, maybe it was being in a small hotel room with her family...whatever the reason, Willoe turned a corner at the ACES Reunion.

Our Cinderella's story is not over.  She is still looking for her prince...her forever family.  Even though she is only a year old and 25 pounds, this tiny setter is not the perfect fit for everyone.  She'll need a calm house with patient folks who can give her the time she needs to feel safe and comfortable.  Willoe does best with predictable situations so a home with older children would be best.  She will definitely need an easy-going, playful doggie sibling to show her the ropes, and a physical fence is a must.  Willoe is just waiting for her fairy tale ending.