• Adopted: 11-01-07
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 1 yr
  • Size: 33 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: Yes
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Kids over 12 years

Hi! My name is BIGGLES and my head-to-tail wiggle will make you giggle! I’m an adorable 1 year-old boy, I weigh 33 pounds, and I have one tan spot on my back, otherwise I'm fluffy white. My tail has lots of fringe but is slightly shorter than normal – no one knows why.

My foster mom says I’m a real ladies’ man. I didn’t have much contact with people during the first year of my life so I’m a little timid around people. I love women and am most comfortable around children aged 10 or older. I am especially shy around men, so I’m looking for a home where the men are calm, kind, patient and won’t mind if I take a while to warm up to them. I’ve been told that, at first, living with me is like the movie Groundhog Day. In new places, I gather courage to explore and make new friends throughout the day but sometimes I have to start all over again the next day.

I have lots of foster brothers and sisters and we all get along great. I love other dogs and like to sleep curled up close to my foster siblings. Sometimes I even use one of them for a pillow. I really need a calm friendly brother or sister to help me feel comfortable in my new home.

I don’t like to be outside alone until I know I'm in a safe place. So I'm looking for a family who will be patient while I learn to be brave in the yard; that means I need you to step outside with me every time until I let you know that I’m ready to go out alone. Don't worry, I really can learn to go out alone but it just takes me some time to feel comfortable in a new place. I also need a physical fence to help me feel secure. Once I know I’m home, I will bark to let you know when a stranger is near. I’m house-trained although I don't ask to go outside very often because I'd rather be inside with you. I’m also crate-trained but I’m a very good boy and don’t really need to be crated. You can leave me free in the house while you’re gone and I’ll just nap on the sofa until you return.

Noises and other new things can frighten me but I bounce back quickly. My foster mom doesn’t baby me but she does encourage me to learn by letting me do things at my own pace without being forced. My foster mom says I’m getting braver every day. When she calls me Biggle Wiggles, I always scamper to her wiggling all the way. Sometimes my foster mom gives us cream cheese; then I do my Biggle Wiggle boogie and even stand up on my back legs to make sure I get a taste of my favorite treat.

I used to be too nervous to snuggle but I’ve learned that it’s pretty cool to lay curled up against my foster mom. I like to take a nap with my head on her knee. I really love it when my foster mom gives me a tummy rub. I think my fluffy white fur and the way I wiggle onto my back make me irresistibly cute because she always stops to rub my tummy whenever I ask.

Sometimes I tug gently on my foster mom’s pant leg while doing the Biggle Wiggle boogie. My foster mom says I shouldn’t tug on her clothes to get attention but she always laughs so I think she secretly likes it.

I can’t wait to find a home of my very own. My foster mom says the best dog in the world is hiding inside me so my new family just needs love and patience until the real Biggles is brave enough to come out and do the Biggle Wiggle boogie-woogie every day.

Update From Biggles July 2008

It's me Biggles again.  My mom said it is almost time to go to Reunion and I wanted to tell you how excited I am.  See, last year at reunion doing new things was still scary.  But it is all different now.  I do the Biggle-Wiggle boogie-woogie every day now because I am so happy. 

I had a fur sister when I came home but she had to go to the bridge.  So I had to learn to be brave all on my own after that.  You know what? When it's just you, you get all the attention - and all the toys!  I like to go new places now and meet people, especially if they have treats and will pet me. I've done all sorts of new things this year:  obedience class and doggy daycare and the dog bakery and PetSmart. I learned stuff like shake and crawl and spin around.  My favorite part of the week is on Saturday mornings when mom and I go to the Farmers Market.  We walk there and look around and then she buys me a homemade dog biscuit (or two) and we sit and have a snack. Sometimes the people in the booths come out so they can pet me. Sometimes they let me lie down in their booth in the shade (but mom always makes me get back up).

I still sometimes get worried about new things, but it doesn't take me long to realize that they are okay. I'm very brave and confident now. Nobody believes mom when she tells them I used to be a scaredy cat.  No more "ground hog day" for me! My foster mom said a long time ago that the very best dog in the world was hiding inside of me and that the real brave Biggles would come out.  My forever mom says the real brave Biggles has now arrived and he is the best-est Biggles Wiggles ever.