Dexter enjoys springtime at home

Dexter in his forever home

  • Adopted: 08-01-07
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 9 yrs
  • Size: 50 lbs
  • Color: Blue
  • Cats: Unknown
  • Dogs: Unknown
  • Traits: N/A

Look in my eyes and
Deny it. No human could
Love you so much.

This haiku says it all about DEXTER. This loyal boy is looking to give all of his love to his forever family. Dexter is 9-year-old tricolor field setter. His velvety coat is mostly black and white, with a sprinkling of brown spots, including the cutest one at the tip of the black "peanut" over his eye. He weighs in at about 50 lbs.

Dexter has lived most of his life in a rural setting on 25 acres of land. He's had his share of running and is now enjoying a new life of indoor leisure. Dexter bonded with his foster family quickly and gets along great with his foster sibling, a female Airedale. When the other dog is grumpy and won't play, Dex is happy to toss around his squeaky toy by himself, or even better, he loves to chase the toy when we throw it for him. Don't worry - Dex will let you know when he wants to play. He likes to toss his toys  at you to invite you into the game!

Dexter's favorite activities include cuddling, walks in the park, dozing on the couch, and spending time with his humans. He loves to spend time outdoors. His passion isn't birds, but he's crazy about the rabbits in the yard. When he first came to his foster home, he was a bit obsessed with the cats. With training and patience, Dex has learned that cats are our friends, and not a meal or the object of a chase-me game. He loves the cats now, greets them gently, and will occasionally try to get them to play. Dex would do better in a home with cats that are dog-savvy and won't run away, luring him to chase.

Dexter can be wary around strange men and new noises. His foster family has exposed him to many different things, and Dex continues to made progress. Because of his age and cautious nature, he would do better in a home with calm children in their teens. Young ones may be too unpredictable for him. 

Dexter is a well-behaved gentleman in the house. He's both house- and crate-trained although he usually needs some encouragement to use the crate. Dexter is a quick learner, knows a few basic commands, and walks well on a leash. He is very good about riding in the car and enjoys going on errands with his foster mom. Dexter has a little arthritis in his right hip, but it doesn't slow him down. He takes over-the-counter supplements and one prescription to help him out. Dexter loves taking his pills when mixed with a dab of peanut butter.

Don't let his age fool you ... Dexter is still very much a goofball. This beautiful boy deserves a special home for the rest of his life. Are you looking for someone to love you the way that only Dexter can?


Dexter's picture hit the front page of the People and Places section of the local paper! 

Dexter and his foster family were featured after appearing at a Strut Your Mutt event.  The article focused on the love and loyalty that people can find by adopting or fostering needy animals.  Dexter's foster family couldn't agree more...they've adopted three of their own rescue dogs and now dote on Dexter while he waits for his forever family.


Hi everyone at ACES.
I just put a new message on for Rudy, well Dexter did, but he wants to know if you can put an astrisk next to his picture from last summer and tell everyone like Kathy his other owner that he is happy and learning many new skills here in Detroit. He and Fergie are very happy me too. He rules. And remember he chased the burglar away and sleeps on a sleep number bed. Don't forget he likes his face washed every nighttime. The new web site is great, we visit it every day and talk to his other mom every so often. We love you all so much. I was so happy Rudy found a home I was - close to calling but as Dexter says my leg bones are not quite healed to take on one more senior citizen, but I will be in touch. I am always available here in Detroit should need arise feel free to call me.
Best Always--You are the greatest rescurers in the world!
Penny Dexter and Fergie