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On behalf of the Chemistry Department at Goucher College, we are pleased to give you this donation.  This donation is in memory of two dogs that belonged to one of our esteemed professors, Dr. Esther Gibbs.  Their names are Zoe & Buddy.  Although Buddy died several years ago, he was Dr. Gibbs' favorite dog, very loving, intelligent, and playful.  Zoe, who died two weeks ago, had a ten plus year battle with cancer.  Dr. Gibbs was there the whole step of the way, especially when doctors told her Zoe would not live more than a year after her diagnosis.  Zoe hung on for over ten years in her battle, remaining playful and eager, keeping the mindset of a curious puppy! 

We remember both of their lives because they were both amazing companions to Dr. Gibbs.  Please post these pictures in remembrance of them, and use this money towards a wonderful English Setter like Zoe and Buddy!

The Goucher College Chemistry Department