? - JUNE 30, 2008

Kerby became a part of the ACES family on June 10, 2005, when he was nine years old.  We don't know how he spent most of his life, but we do know that during his last three years, Kerby was surrounded by people who loved him, near and far.  He had a foster family who doted on him and friends across the country who sponsored his medical care.

Kerby was an incredibly sweet gentleman who liked to be petted any time of the day or night.  He loved to be near his humans and trailed his foster mom everywhere she went.  He happily rode along in the car with her whenever he could.

Kerby weathered old age with dignity and always seemed to come out on top of his medical issues.  When Kerby was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, he became an ACES Safe Haven Setter.  Kerby's foster family ensured that Kerby didn't become too exhausted with daily activities and insisted that he take long morning and afternoon naps on the bed, away from the ruckus of their other setters.

In the last couple months, Kerby's health was on the decline.  He lost a lot of weight and often refused his medication.  Sadly, it was time to let Kerby go.  Kerby's faithful family helped him to the Rainbow Bridge on June 30, 2008.  They officially adopted Kerby before letting him go, but Kerby always knew he belonged to them.

We will miss you, Kerby.


I want you to be as happy and pampered as possible. You are in good hands with ACES.
Dawn Clark

This is for anything that handsome Kerby needs.
Pamela Miller

Many thanks to the Warfields: Heidi, Bonnie, Carmen & Mike

This special donation is for Kerby, in honor of Fergies' 11th Birthday on April 9. 
With love from Dexter (adopted 08-07) Fergie and Mom (Penny Lawyer)