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8/29/2014 Update:
Bianca has been doing pretty well until this past Wednesday when she woke up and was completely blind. She rapidly went downhill from there. Bianca's foster family helped her to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, August 29, 2014. Bianca spent the last year and a half of her long life as a beloved ACES Safe Haven Setter.

Bianca is a 12 year old beautiful, loving lady who has settled in very nicely to her foster home.  She is quite feeble and has several medical issues, the worst of which are neurological issues.  Her condition makes it hard for Bianca to keep her balance.  She stumbles a lot and cannot get up and down with ease.  Bianca is covered with buckshot and has a possible melanoma on her tongue.  She is not really interested in eating so her foster mom makes special meals for her.  Bianca has become a little spoiled because her foster mom hand feeds her most meals.  But, who would argue with spoiling a special lady in her later years?  Bianca loves people and likes to greet the visitors to her foster home.

Bianca's foster family has had several ACES foster dogs over the years and was sad to learn that Bianca would not be adoptable.  Not all of her medical issues have been determined, but Bianca is an absolute love and we will provide all the veterinary care that she needs.  As with all of her foster dogs, Bianca's foster mom immediately fell in love when Bianca arrived.  Bianca will be well loved and taken care of in her home for the rest of her years.


Pam Miller sends lots of loving hugs for pretty Bianca and hopes that she continues to enjoy relaxing on comfy beds and couches with her foster family and siblings.

Bianca sends a big thank-you and lots of setter hugs to Carmel Broadfoot for her love and support!

Susan and Bob Newhall say: "Love to Bianca, hoping her days are as comfortable as they can be, and knowing what work it is to support a challenged older dog but also knowing what deep love these dear Setters inspire in their 'parents'.  Thanks to ACES for making this all work."

"Lots of hugs and love from Christen and my Luna, who taught me the great joy that comes giving a good life to a dog in need!" -- Christen Mancini