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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 6 yrs
  • Size: 44 lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Cats: No
  • Dogs: Yes
  • Traits: Happy-go-lucky goofball that LOVES his people

Meet Zip...the setter who is filled with love and curiosity! Zip spent the first six years of his life kept in a pen. When he kept escaping to visit the neighbor for love and attention, they contacted us and Zip was soon in ACES foster care. Since Zip was living outside, it's not surprising that he was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Zip was given a course of antibiotics along with his vaccinations, neuter and other vet care. This happy boy is now healthy too.

Zip has been very curious about this whole "living in a house" thing. He wants to know what is going on at all times and sticks to his foster dad like velcro. When his dad stays in one spot to work or relax, Zip settles down and lies next to him. At the first hint of motion, Zip is back up and following right along. Zip has been working hard at learning to be an inside dog and live as part of the family. He is learning to wait for attention and to play with the other dogs in the house. Zip would be good with other dogs or as an only dog. Cats are another story. Zip is just too curious about cats to go to a home with them.

When Zip is outside he REALLY enjoys running around. He loves all the birds in the yard and chases and points them constantly. Zip is always on the move until his dad calls him back into the house. Sometimes Zip is so focused and having so much fun with chasing birds that it takes a few times for him to come inside, but he is getting better all the time. Zip will need a secure 6 foot privacy fence in his forever home. Zip learned that he could get out of his pen so we don't want him thinking he can get out of his very own yard.

Zip is fine out of his crate at night. He usually sleeps next to his foster dad in bed or in the chair, if they both fall asleep while watching TV. He is housetrained and does not get into trouble while in the house. Even though Zip is a curious one, he is not a counter surfer. His foster dad has been crating him during the day when he's not at home and, even though Zip may whine at first, he settles in and relaxes while waiting for his dad to return. Even so, Zip is not a dog that can just hang out and wait for his family to come home all day. Zip needs to be able to be active during the day. Zip has been going to doggy daycare three days a week. Zip loves his time at doggy daycare where he can play and run off his energy. He comes home happy and tired. Zip would love to go running with you or even for long walks. He is pretty good on leash. The more activity and exercise for Zip, the better!

Zip is just a happy, silly goofball. He wants so badly to be with his people. He thinks he's a lap dog. Zip has a heart of gold that he's just waiting to share with you! With Zip in your home, you will always be smiling and will always feel loved.


Lori Vrabel hopes that sweet, friendly cuddle bug Zip-ster will soon be sharing his wonderful personality and loving heart with a forever family!

Zip sends out a big "Roo" of thanks to Debra O'Day for her support as he waits for his perfect forever home!

Zachary Rieboldt hopes that Zip will soon be sharing his happy and goofball spirit with a loving forever family!